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Seeing that this snow has taken us completely by surprise, I trust that many are still out on the road and potentially too far from shelter to make it inside tonight.

[ So yer gonna get a survival guide whether you want it or not. ]

• Keep hydrated. It is easy to forget, in these conditions.
• Putting on a hat goes a long way.
• You are in more danger if you stop shivering. Keep moving, and do not sleep in freezing conditions.
• Alcohol does not keep you warm. It only gives the illusion of heat while making the situation worse.
• Your extremities will be the first to go. Expose your hands and feet as little as possible.
• Overheat too much and you will sweat, which in the long run, will make you much colder than when you started.
• Loose layers are better at keeping heat than tight athletic wear.
• Find or form a barrier against the wind.
• Clean clothing will insulate better than dirty clothing.

[ Take it from a professional hobo. ]
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[It's been a while since Scar has openly addressed the network. He has had little reason or want to.

But it's late, and he's back to thinking about all that's happened in the past few weeks, and things are more like they were back home than they ever have been. He's more alone than ever.]

I made a mistake, recently. It changed something that cannot be fixed. In retrospect, none of it is a surprise, but the loss has affected me far more than I thought it would.

[He doesn't know what he's asking for, or if he's even asking for anything.]

I never realized how much I didn't want things to go back to the way they were until they did. I would prefer going home. It would be for the best.

[Regardless of what going home actually means.]
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The small, violet cats that fell out of the sky in September... Is there a species name for them, yet?

[Yes, he's talking about the Pokémon who accidentally blasted him into a wall a couple of months ago. Scar's tone is thoughtful. Truth be told, he's a bit worried about her. Keshet is jumpy, nervous, and very reserved.]

The one who grew attached to me was heavily shaken from whatever it was that brought them here, and she doesn't seem to have recovered from it. She is hesitant to use her abilities and doesn't seem comfortable with her situation regardless of what I do.

[And yes, he's looking for Pokétherapy advice.]

I'm... not certain how to help.
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[Anyone who knows Scar or has spoken to him before will recognize his voice. But he's sounding... a little worn out. Frazzled. The tiny mews of a dazed Espurr can be heard in the background, along with the steady thumps of something far more solid than rain hitting the hotel roof.]

The Pokémon that are falling out of the sky. Do not unfold their ears. Just... don't.

[This has been a public service announcement. He had just been trying to give it a bath!]
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[The voice that comes over the feed is sounding even more surly than usual, today...]

I am looking for a remedy for skuntank spray. Anything potentially helpful would be appreciated. Simple washing does not seem to be working.

[See, children? The ill effects of not forwarding that chain letter. Tsk tsk.

...Are those bees buzzing in the background?]
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[Scar's been lying low in Olivine ever since the hurricane, and he's starting to go a little stir-crazy. Being left bored with his thoughts can only end in one thing. Anon questions.]

In my time here, I have come to find that there are a great many "worlds" that are home to people who wouldn't be considered human, but experience the same depth of thought and range of emotion.

[Even he can make that conclusion, now.]

In that case, what is humanity? A measure of physical traits? A state of mind? Something into which one must be born?
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[Scar is discovering the magic of nightblogging. Perhaps not the best idea in the world, but his conversation with Ib a while back has left him thinking.

Is there actually a purpose to this second chance?]

I am curious. Do you view coming here as a bump in the road, or as a second chance for something?

[Because let's be real this can't possibly just be a giant afterlife serial killer rehab universe.]

Were we brought here for a purpose? For our own benefit?

((OOC: All of Scar's responses will be anon unless otherwise indicated.))
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[action: goldenrod restaurant, may 6]
[That afternoon, Scar can be found looking particularly sorry for himself. Sure, he's usually bitter and angry and unapproachable... But right now, he's just plain miserable.

He's been hanging around in Goldenrod since before the carnival, lingering by the breeding center as his Skitty egg incubates. If something manages to go wrong, he wants be near people who know what they're doing. At the moment, though, he's sitting at the table of a small, outdoor restaurant, talking into his Pokégear.]


[He closes it and sets it aside. His Zangoose and Teddiursa are both sitting with him, looking concerned. Yaminah, the Teddiursa, jumps into his lap, and he reaches to pat her on the head. Things really are much more bearable, with them around.]

[voice, may 7]
[Scar is in an unusually good mood, and it's obvious in his voice to anyone who's already spoken the guy for any length of time. This is a huge change from yesterday. His Skitty has just hatched (FINALLY) and he's... excited about it. Or, at least, as excited as Scar ever gets about anything.

He does need some advice, though.]

I'm assuming hand-raising a Pokémon is different from training one that was caught from the wild.

[The soft mews of the young Skitty can be heard in the background.]

How much constant attention and care does a baby Pokémon require, exactly? Is it more similar to raising a dog?

[A valid question, Scar thinks, given the obvious intelligence of Pokémon. The way they bond and how they communicate is almost frighteningly human.]

[action: goldenrod public area, may 7]
[In a much better mood than yesterday, Scar can be found with his three Pokémon, Miriam the Skitty being the newest addition to the team. The baby Pokémon is slightly unsteady on her feet, and just figuring out her attacks. She's working with Zangoose and Teddiursa, chattering and playing and occasionally breaking for naps and food

...And frequently running off to greet strangers and collect flowers.]
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[action: eastern route 29]
[Scar had left New Bark Town as quickly as he could when it became apparent that he wasn't the only one who had suddenly shown up. Questions could wait, and he certainly isn't about to out his identity to anyone who might be nearby.

So he can be found wading through the tall grass of Route 29 with a Zangoose at his side, whom he as named Amit. Scar is obviously still getting used to this Pokémon thing. The closest they have to creatures like these in Amestris were chimera.

Not a fun experience.

He moves warily, eyeing specifically any people who might be passing by. He needs to know if somebody is going to recognize him. So far, so good. But he never knows.]

The ledges at the southern entrance to route 46- are they impassible like the ones mentioned in the "Trainer Handbook?"

And if one were to go about finding manual work nearby, where should he look?

[action: south end of route 46]
[In spite of his text post, Scar is still lingering just north of the building that leads back to Route 29. No matter how he tries to climb the face of the ledge, he tumbles to the bottom. Over. And over.

Most of the other new arrivals are making their way westward, and this is precisely the reason that Scar is trying to force his way north. He needs to keep away from the crowds for now.

Amit, his Zangoose, waits not-so-patiently at the bottom. She knows what's up. He's so not getting to the top of that ledge.]
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Name: Lauren
Personal Journal: [personal profile] latiaos
E-mail: laurenkrugh.art@gmail.com
AIM/MSN: n/a
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Route: none!

Name: Scar
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 series)
Timeline: End of episode 42
Canon Resource Links: Scar's page on the FMA wiki. Please note that there are inaccuracies for a few specific details, and that Scar is a very different character in the manga and the 2009 anime compared to his 2003 counterpart. Only information regarding the 2003 series pertains to this Scar.

Personality: The first and most important aspect of Scar's personality is that he the product of a very hard life. Although he has not even lived 30 years, Scar has endured more suffering and loss than most people experience in a lifetime. To say that he even "endured" it is not entirely accurate. He may have survived the loss of his family, the genocide of most of his country, homelessness, and running from the most powerful military force in his world, but Scar is unrecognisable when compared to himself some 15 years ago. He is bitter, depressed, and withdrawn, and hasn't known any semblance of normalcy in a very long time.

In day to day conversation, Scar is pretty much the "strong, silent type." He doesn't set aside time for chatter, or much social activity at all. He doesn't do things for fun, he does them for practicality. His speech patterns can often come across as stiff, overly proper, and often a touch melodramatic. Ask him about his personal life, and you'll be met with a frown, not that he really has a personal life to speak of. He has no family left, and he won't speak of his deceased brother except in extreme circumstances. He hasn't had a friend in the traditional sense of the word since the war, and has severe issues with trust. Often times, a stranger is guilty until proven innocent. Scar has some serious tunnel vision, and will fixate on minor details, often to avoid a difficult emotional topic at large. It's a defence mechanism, similar to his anger. In emotional or difficult personal situations, he will quickly grow frustrated and angry- both as a coping mechanism and in frustration for his own emotional stuntedness. In many ways, he is aware that he does not react to situations the way he should, and this can make him angry at himself and aggravate his self-loathing tendencies. He is very quick to point out and prod at faults in others that he also sees in himself, and he has a severe lack of tact in conversation. Sometimes, this is completely intentional. Scar is a spiteful, bitter man, and he tends to push that onto others. He's pushy and incredibly stubborn. When he sets his mind to something, it's his way or no way. Scar has little regard for authority figures for a similar reason. He will rebel against someone just because he doesn't like them.

Though he no longer considers himself a proper Ishbalan because of the atrocities he as committed, Scar still adheres to many traditional Ishbalan tendencies, and is very judgemental of those who live outside certain social boundaries that he considers acceptable. Women should be "decently covered." Public drunkenness is shameful; he almost never touches alcohol. He frowns upon casual sex and would be That Guy who "accidentally" sprays the PDA offenders with a hose. He can be a huge, fun-sucking stiff. You know those people who just liven the party when they walk in? Scar is the opposite. He will sit in a corner and sulk about how he has to be there. He can really be a giant, overgrown manbaby. If someone flirts with him, there is approximately a .001% chance that he will notice. He has always been clueless in that department, and the events of his life have only fostered this. This "who, me?" tendency carries into his platonic interactions as well. Scar isn't used to people reacting positively to him. He doesn't expect anybody to go out of their way for him. He always assumes that people think the worst.

In spite of the blank, angry mask he presents, Scar is an extremely emotional person. He lets emotions bubble and store inside him until they spill out, sometimes suddenly, sometimes over time. These feelings can be positive or negative, depending on the situation. Positive ones, he tends to hide meticulously, epseically if they are about other people. He is a very polarized and self-contradicting person, prone to bouts of behavior that could very well completely go against what he was saying five minutes ago. He can be perfectly calm one minute, then see something or hear something seemingly innocent and be triggered to rage. There are few things that won't set him off in one way or another. Racial discussion, talk of war, an attempt to control him, or any sort of threat to what few things he holds important could trigger rages. Topics that remind him of his guilt could send him into deep depressive states. The value he places on human life is disturbingly warped. He knowingly and willingly sacrificed thousands of lives for the sake of one, and will very quickly throw his own life away. And yet, he still shows signs that he is aware of the wrongness of his actions. Why he still does these things, even he isn't sure. All in all, Scar is extremely emotionally unstable.

The deeper part of Scar that is rarely put on display is the source of many of his problems. The only thing that can truly terrify Scar is loss. Fear of his own death is warped and pushed to the side, because of both his emotional troubles and his obsessive protectiveness of the few things he holds dear. Scar shows affection by taking stupid risks. In many ways, he has a childish, ego-centric view of himself as some kind of "other." No, he can't have friends because he's him. Why would he have a normal life? He's Scar! Scar gets trapped in a delusion that it is simply not possible for him to lead a normal life or to find happiness. He often justifies this as some sort of divine punishment.

Those who get close ('close' being relative in most cases) to Scar might notice some smaller behavioral ticks or personal issues, many of which he is loath to let onto. Thanks to his experience with human alchemy as well as the war/genocide, he suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder. Scar sleeps poorly, and has frequent nightmares revolving around the violence of the war, the horror of human alchemy, and his loved ones' roles in all of it. He is notably paranoid about the supposedly bad intentions of others, and he struggles to shut off his mind and stop thinking. To stop being worried all the time. He struggles with situations that cannot be solved by force or strategy, and he can easily be described as a brute. Scar always has an escape path in mind. He walks on the more sheltered side of the street. He keeps his eyes on the sidewalk. On bad days, it's like he never left the war behind. In addition to this, he exercises meticulously, and will read for hours when he has books available. Anything to keep his depressed and anxious mind busy. When he is certain he's alone, Scar will talk to himself, mostly to his brother and less frequently to God.

During the years following the war, Scar molded himself as a tool for revenge. His self-worth became entirely focused on his hatred for Amestris and for his brother for befalling such tragedy on his life. He was more like a machine than a man, citing God as justification for his murders when even he knew that they were morally wrong. There's that self contradiction: Scar insists that he is carrying out the will of God by killing State Alchemists, yet he insists that he is such a stained man that he cannot accept the hospitality of his people. He kills alchemists with alchemy, a forbidden practice, yet insists that he is only doing "what his arm instructs him." Scar is always looking for someone to blame, even if his conclusion makes no sense. In a situation post his death and by extension the "completion" of his revenge, he is a man without purpose. A decade of blinding hatred has made him forget what it means to simply live. This affects his already dangerously low sense of self worth. He threw his life away for revenge because he had nothing left. Now what does he have? What is his purpose? He doesn't have one.

Scar is a person who will often fail to see what he has until it is threatened. Because Scar makes such scant few connections with people, those who do grow close to him really stand out. Almost always, if he connects with someone, it is because they remind him of some positive aspect of his life that existed in the past. Before people are themselves in Scar's eyes, they represent someone else. They can grow out of that in his eyes, but usually, that shadow will always be there. He projects what he wants to see on others, and he does not connect to people in a normal way. This is most evident in his relationships with Lust and the Elric brothers, Lust being a literal manifestation of someone he loves, and the Elrics representing his younger self and his brother, as both families share many connections. When he makes these kinds of connections, they are a constant struggle of wanting to cling to them and wanting to push them away. This is his fear of loss at work; Scar has never known permanence, and though it is an impossible thing to fully attain, he thinks it even more improbable than it actually is. Everything is taken away from him. It's like the universe is out to get him. Again, that egocentricism. Maybe some people can find happiness, but not him. He was denied that in life. This takes a heavy toll on Scar's would-be relationships with people. He can be extremely possessive, yet cold and dismissive. He can't tell a person simply that he cares about them, yet he will relatively easily put his life on the line for another.

With Scar's tendency to bottle his emotions and let them stew comes some strange and highly charged outlooks in the long term. Scar sat on his hatred for his brother for years, clinging to it and letting it fuel him. It wasn't until his dying moments that he finally let it go, confessing that he had loved the other man. Post-death, he has to live with the constant regret and guilt of how he treated his brother. This is something that has been weighing him down for over a decade, but he has only just started to face it. He also struggles to face the reality and implications of Lust, both in her mere existence and in who she is to Scar. She is a perfect duality, representing both his greatest traumas and regrets as well as his only constant and potential source of something that even resembles happiness. She brings out his worst and his best. Lust stirs his impulsiveness like no one else can, yet he over-analyses her every move. He can't think around her, can't ignore her, can't even stay angry at her much to his frustration. Again, this is mostly because "Lust" technically had her foot in the door a long time ago. Scar never let go of his feelings for his brother's fiancee, ashamed of them as he was, and now she's suddenly back, a walking, talking *slap* in the face of everything Scar held sacred. It's like some horrible, supernatural soap opera. Lust is a crazy, unlikely exception to many of Scar's usual tendencies. He doesn't normally form romantic attachment, but with the old, twisted feelings to build on, the possibility is now there. She both baffles him and draws him in. She becomes his anchor, both repulsive and alluring in her very nature.

Although Scar is a largely dysfunctional person in many angles of his life, he is extremely intelligent. He was able to transmute the Philosopher's Stone, after all, something that even the most advanced alchemists can only dream of. Yet Scar was able to do it by using his brother's scattered notes and the advice of an old Ishbalan exile. He is a triple treat, you could almost call it. He is scientifically and mathematically brilliant, evidenced by his alchemic prowess. He is a physical force to be reckoned with, with his speed, strength, and training. He is a surprisingly effective manipulator when it serves his pre-outlined cause. There is a reason that the Amestrian military didn't corner him until he decided he wanted them to. Scar can effortlessly appeal to a group of people at large, especially an angry group of people. In canon, he successfully convinces an entire oppressed city that one young woman is their Holy Mother, and gets them to fight on his behalf while he plots the destruction of several thousand Amestrian troops. When his cause is cold and detached enough, Scar can be cult-leader levels of charismatic. This is not something that he frequently takes advantage of. For the most part, Scar prefers to keep his methods to himself, refusing to rely on others as coincides with his approach to everything else in his life.

If all of this rage and emptiness is Scar's "nurtured" state, the result of his life, his "natural" personality may appear to be the exact opposite. Throughout his youth, Scar was quiet and gentle. He is the way he is today because what happened over the course of those four years twisted his good nature into something grotesque and nearly unrecognisable. He holds very dearly the people he loves, and would protect them at any cost. A threat to someone Scar cares about has always triggered a rage in him that used to be scary, because how could such fire come from such a mild-mannered boy? When looking back on Scar's personality before life dealt him a steaming pile of shit, it becomes more clear as to why he is the way he is today. With this being said, how much of this younger self is truly dead? The truth is, a lot of it is still in there. Scar's lifestyle of violence exhausts him, and his obsessive anger has led him to become completely burned out. He so willingly walked to his death because he didn't know how he could possibly keep going like this. It is not in Scar's nature to be an empty killing machine. That "self" was artificially shaped by both himself and the events around him, and he has grown to despise it, because it ruined what little chances of a life in his home world he had left. The entire persona of "Scar" is not him, and living as "Scar" has finally worn him to the last thread. He states openly in canon that he doesn't deserve his old identity. That his old self is dead. But, in yet another self-contradiction, his nature shines through. His gentleness, devotion, and protectiveness, evidenced mostly by his interactions with Lust and the Elrics, remain the most base of his attributes. He has a fondness and comfort with children that would shock those who only know the gruffer facade he puts up. Throughout both Fullmetal canons (which are drastically different) he comes to serve as a father figure for other characters. His protective nature makes him prone to taking care of things. Scar does emotionally better when he knows that someone is depending on him.

He also really loves cats.


+Scar is a survivor. He grew up in the harsh desert and has lived on the city streets and successfully crossed the wilderness alone. He thrives in harsh environments.
+He has an incredibly high tolerance for pain, and his stubborn, nearing brutish drive makes him a force to be reckoned with in anything he chooses to set his mind to.
+Even without alchemy, he is a very accomplished fighter. Fast, agile, and very strong.
+Scar is highly intelligent, and picks up on new concepts at almost an alarming rate.
+Connects very well with animals (and by extention, pokémon), often much better than he does with people.
+Surprisingly soothing toward children.
+Brave. Bleeds Gryffindor Scarlet. It's almost a fault.

-He works best when he is alone, and struggles when forced to cooperate directly with others.
-Life's more... delicate subjects completely elude him. Ask him to talk about his feelings in any capacity? He's outta here.
-He is highly manipulable in that the people whom he cares about can easily be used against him.
-Scar doesn't think clearly in intense situations when others he cares about are involved. He reacts upon pure instinct, and his instincts... aren't always the best.
-Notably, he also cannot swim and is very wary of large bodies of water. He sinks like a rock.
-Scar's emotions are volatile, bordering on out-of-control.
-Takes poor care of himself- Is never well-rested.
-Diminished sense of self-worth.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Zangoose
Password: Caramel, Popcorn

First Person Sample:
[Scar has already been in this world for a few weeks, but this is the first time he has made any sort of public posting on his... Pokégear, they call it? That doesn't matter. He turned his back for one moment and some snake-like Pokémon had come out of the woods and attacked Skitty. And now... Now it isn't getting any better.]

Hello? My pokémon was just attacked by a... [Damn it all! Checking the Pokédex...] by an Ekans, and I think she's poisoned. I don't have a proper antidote on me, and nothing I do seems to be working-

[There's a rush of anger and a small note of panic in his voice. Scar hasn't come to quite believe yet that a pokémon attack can't be fatal, and if anything were to happen to this one, how can he forgive himself? He's days away from the nearest Pokémon Center. How has he managed to be so ill-prepared?]

I just need something. A fast solution.

Third Person Sample:

Once again, Scar had slipped and landed flat on his backside thanks to the slick floors of the Ice Path. A tiny voice in the back of his mind told him that it had been foolish to try coming here, but he ignored it. That woman in the Pokémon Center had said that "trainers" of his caliber shouldn't be taking on this cave yet. That he should have more "badges" under his belt. But Scar had little interest in badges. He simply wanted to reach Blackthorn City.

That was, if he ever made it out of this frozen hell. A man (boy, really) several years younger than he stopped, clearly concerned.

"Sir, are you all right?" He reached down and offered his hand, but Scar didn't take it as he pushed himself precariously to his feet. He ignored the bewildered stranger and continued on his uneasy way, his pride more than a little wounded.

Scar pulled his jacket more closely around his shoulders. He wasn't built for the cold, at least not cold that lasted this long. Nights in the Eastern Desert grew frigid, but what about a night that never thawed? The Ishbalan had expected to be through this place in a few days' time without issue, but now he had gotten himself completely stuck. He looked down to the Pokéballs on his belt, and his frown deepened. Could they feel the cold in there, he wondered? He couldn't let them out into this, even if that were the case. It didn't take a master to realize that the creatures lurking in this cave were far more powerful than the young ones Scar carried with him.

Adjusting to this world was proving difficult. People fought with these 'Pokémon' as if it were nothing, yet all Scar had been able to see upon arriving was a bunch of brightly colored chimera. He could fight for himself if he needed to; using these strangely intelligent creatures to do his dirty work for him was nothing short of barbaric. Yet, it had quickly become obvious that he would need their help to make his way in this world. That was what had made him set out researching, and research was what had landed him on course to Blackthorn. Powerful Pokémon.

Scar dug the heel of his boot into the frost, craning his neck to look up the steep, icy incline that lay before him. It was foolish to continue, but he had already come this far. He turned to address the trainer who had offered him help.

"How much farther does this lead?"

"Right now, I'd say you're about halfway."

He nodded in silent thanks to the other trainer, and started up the frozen slope. Four more days. What were four more days, really, to a man who had crossed miles of desert on foot?
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fullmetal alchemist
CHOO CHOOOO here comees the Fail Train!

fullmetal alchemist
little alchemist boy he relates to a lot. died for him, nbd.

wizard of oz
thinks his name is frank and that he's dead. considers him a friend.

fullmetal alchemist
he cares about that snarky brat. even if he is a snarky brat.


soul eater
nice girl who is kind to him and he cares about her sshhh don't tell anyone that last part

silent hill

thinks he's a kid. way too optimistic.

the lorax
roommate. saw him splashed across the hallway... oops. kind of a weird guy.

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Route 29 CR

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LUST fullmetal alchemist
Difficult and convoluted feelings on both sides make interacting hit-or-miss and often painful, not that either does much to alleviate it. They manage civil, if sad, conversation when they're alone, but it can be a nightmare in a group or if one says the wrong thing. Scar knows more about her past with Dante than ever and doesn't know how to express that he wants to be there for her, in some capacity.
ALPHONSE ELRIC fullmetal alchemist
One of the most important people in his life, Scar has always related to Alphonse on a particular level. Al was the first person to really reach out to Scar during his time in Central. That blind kindness left a mark on Scar that influenced him the rest of his life, and eventually led him to give his life for Al's sake.
IB ib
Ib is the little light in Scar's life, though he won't admit it. She planted the idea in his head that this life could be a chance for him to redeem himself, and hearing that from her is really the only way he can consider the idea. Her unconditional kindness moves him deeply, and he cares for her and wishes her well. Naturally, he's protective of her.
CYNTHIA fire emblem: awakening
This girl... is an odd duck. Scar doesn't know what to make of her, and he certainly won't admit that he has a fondness for her. Which he totally does. She makes ridiculous suggestions, but she also has gone out of her way for his sake, which stands out to Scar. She bought him a cupcake for his birthday, the first honest to goodness birthday present he's gotten in more than ten years.
PEKO PEKOYAMA super dangan ronpa 2
Scar has taken a personal interest in Peko because of her slightly familiar issues with her own image of herself. The two have had a few long conversations about her wish to be more of her own person, and Scar wants to help however he can, but also realizes that he's not exactly the best person for that. He also feels a kinship with her because of her eyecolor.
EDWARD ELRIC fullmetal alchemist
Not the Edward he knows, but he's Edward Elric and all Scar knows is that an Edward Elric has had a profound impact on him. So this Ed's all right. They've only spoken briefly, but Scar likes to keep some kind of tab on how he's doing, simply because he cares for his safety. He respects him, as he seems to have grown up a little.
WINRY ROCKBELL fullmetal alchemist
An unaligned friend of the Elrics' is, at the very least, a non-enemy of Scar's. That's actually saying something. Given the necessary situation, Scar would be protective of her simply because she is Edward and Alphonse's close friend. She seems competent, but there is definitely something between the "other" Scar and this girl that neither Winry nor Ed is telling him. He wants to know, but won't pry.
HEATHER MASON silent hill
Scar has mixed feelings on Heather. Sure, she can be kind of obnoxious, but he's known his share of young adults like that- because he's known his fair share of young adults who have seen some shit. So she gets a pass. She can be pleasant enough to talk to, anyway, and she's good to her Pokémon. But there is no chance in hell that this girl is Lust's age. You have got to be kidding.
FRANCE axis powers hetalia
Envy's... something or other. He's far more tolerable than Envy, but he is does brush Scar slightly... off. He mostly ignores him, because lol what are manners, but France seems okay enough to have around. Harmless, if prone to the occasional odd, scheming look.
All he knows about you, bro, is that you don't like Metapods and that you have awful taste in swimwear. That's... um... There are things, Raikov. Things that he did not want to see in his lifetime of pain and suffering. That speedo was one of them.
GREED fullmetal alchemist
Greed is an idiot, as far as Scar is concerned. But he is useful in that he has a loose tongue when it comes to Dante. It's almost as if he wants to talk about her. Scar doesn't understand what's going on between Greed and Lust, but he doesn't like it. Why not? Psshhh. He'll deny that it has anything to do with that. But why the hell are they buying a house together???
ENVY fullmetal alchemist
Lust's brother? They behave like that, but Scar doesn't think of Envy as such. He behaves like an overgrown child, and Scar has no patience for it. He will quietly tolerate him because he doesn't want any trouble in this new life, but he really dislikes him. It doesn't help that he admitted to being involved in Ishbal. That alone is a permanent black mark, regardless if he was being controlled.
MAES HUGHES fullmetal alchemist
Military, so bad by default. Scar does recognize, however, that he seems to be friendly. As far as Maes knows, his name is Rick. Scar goes out of his way to avoid Hughes for obvious reasons, though he does monitor his public posting and conversation over the network when he has the chance.
CARTER BLAKE heavy rain
And then there's this fucker.

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envy_the_sinners: (this is normal I swear)

Zangoose (Amit)
the cat ferret pokémon
♀ | impish | a little quick tempered
lvl 45 | ability: immunity
moveset: scratch - leer - quick attack - fury cutter - pursuit - slash - embargo - crush claw
revenge - false swipe - detect - x-scissor - taunt - swords dance
info link

Teddiursa (Yaminah)
the little bear pokémon
♀ | brave | capable of taking hits
met in dark cave
lvl 36 | ability: quick feet
moveset: fling - covet - scratch - baby-doll eyes - lick - fake tears - fury swipes - feint attack
sweet scent - play nice - slash - charm
info link
note: Often seen carrying around an Aron plush.

Skitty (Miriam)
the kitten pokémon
♀ | timid | likes to run
hatched from an egg
lvl 7 | ability: cute charm
moveset: fake out - growl - tail whip - tackle - foresight
info link

Growlithe (Daniel)
the puppy pokémon
♂ | hardy | sturdy body
met on route 35
lvl 45 | ability: intimidate
moveset: bite - roar - ember - leer - odor sleuth - helping hand - flame wheel - reversal
fire fang - take down - flame burst - agility - retaliate - flame thrower - crunch - heat wave
outrage - flare blitz
info link

Espurr (Keshet)
the restraint pokémon
♀ | docile | often lost in thought
met in swarm
lvl 23 | ability: infiltrator
moveset: scratch - leer - covet - confusion - light screen - psybeam - fake out - disarming voice
info link

Eevee (Aliza)
the evolution pokémon
♀ | modest | highly curious
hatched an egg
lvl 8 | ability: adaptability
moveset: helping hand - growl - tackle - tail whip - sand attack
info link

- change of clothes
- 3 extra boxers
- 1 12oz bottle of soap
- 1 washcloth, 2 towels (one small, one larger), 1 toothbrush, 1 travel-sized pack of toothpaste
- clothes line, 6 clothes pins, and rubber gloves
- Trainer Handbook
- sleeping bag
- PokéGear
- 2 potions
- 1 repel
- 1 max repel
- 1 escape rope
- 2 pokéballs
- 1 Aron doll
- 1 pair opaque sunglasses

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